Travel Diary: Cancun

A couple weeks ago, I took a 5 day trip to Cancun, Mexico. I hadn’t been to any part of Mexico before and all I knew was what I heard or read. Cancun turned out to be much better than I thought. Overall, it was a nice, relaxing experience. How I Got There I booked…

Gems on Hulu 💎

I feel like Hulu doesn’t get the recognition it deserves. Most people are subscribers of Netflix, but don’t realize that they’re missing out on all that Hulu has to offer for the same price (or even cheaper for college students). In fact, college students can get the Hulu and Spotify premium for $4.99 a month….

Date Night Ideas 

I wish I could’ve posted this in time for Valentine’s Day, but hey better late than never right? When you’re dating or even in a relationship it’s important to keep date night fun, refreshing and creative. Date night is the opportunity for you to get to know your partner genuinely and create experiences/memories with them….

Travel Diary: New Orleans

I had a little technical error with my post on my trip to Nola so here it is again. Back in September, I went to New Orleans and stayed 10 mins outside of the French Quarter I stayed at an Airbnb for the duration of my trip. I was in NOLA for 4 days and my…