Assume Form

I feel like I should share my favorite songs, albums and artists more often because why not? James Blake who is one of my favorite artists recently released his new album. I feel like I never really know what to expect from him. Each body of work is typically different from the other because artists…

8 Podcasts That’ll Get You Through The Workday

Being bored at work is honestly torture especially when you’ve listened to all of your playlists and your coworker is trying to talk your head off. I’ve compiled a list of entertaining, intellectually stimulating, enlightening and hilarious podcasts that’ll get you through the day. Thank me later. Let’s Talk About Myths, Baby! is hosted by…

The Technique Tour

Last night, I had the pleasure of attending the Technique Tour in Baltimore. I saw Yo-Yo and Eric B. & Rakim perform which was crazy! Still can’t believe I was able to see legends perform live! Check out some pictures and videos below 👇🏾

Iconic and Inspiring Girl Groups of the 90s & 2000’s

As you all know today is International Women’s Day so I thought it would be dope to celebrate and recognize the talented women who were apart of the girl groups that were popping during the 90’s and early 2000’s. Girl groups made up a big part of the hip hop and R&B scene at one…

“Obey Your Thirst”

Drake, who is one of my favorite musicians, has recently did an interview with The Fader. In the interview he discusses music (of course), how he came to be a multilayered artist, and his feelings towards social media. It’s interesting and rare interview. Check it out

My Very First Post

I created this blog solely for the purpose of sharing my thoughts on a range of topics such as music, relationships, college goal setting & etc. This is also the perfect place for others to comment and share their thoughts on the things discussed on my blog.