Black Mirror Series 4 Review

Episode 1: USS Callister Robert is a CTO of a tech-entertainment company and he is also an outcast at his job, but at night he takes on a different persona. Robert has created a virtual reality based on his favorite tv show where he is the commander of a ship that is operated by his […]


The Affair

By: S. Easley This is a pretty captivating series on Showtime. It starts off slow, but picks up and gets really intense towards the end of the season. This show basically follows the story of Noah and Alison’s affair and how it links to a murder investigation. Their summer fling had long lasting effects on […]



By: S. Easley So Netflix has this new show called Sense8 it’s like a sci-fi drama that’s pretty much my favorite show. The show focuses on 8 people who share the same birthday which is August 8th. They all become linked mentally and must help each other stay protected. Though they don’t really understand their powers […]