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New Month, New Content!

This month I have decided to add two new things to my blog.

The first thing will be the EarthtoTia Book Club. Lately, I’ve been having more time to read and actually get into some really great literature so I thought it would be good idea to get my readers involved. I feel like it’ll be really great to analyze, discuss and share information about some great books with other bookworms like myself. It’ll be great to get some dialogue going. I’ve created a group on Goodreads so everything is free you don’t have to sign any contracts. Even if you don’t feel like signing up feel free to stop by and take a peek.

The second thing is a podcast. I will be doing a solo podcast (until further notice) which will basically serve as an auditory version of my blog along with some “exclusive content” that I feel is better suited for a podcast rather than a blog post.

Check out the links below for the EarthtoTia podcast:


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