How to Deal with Men Who Have Commitment Issues


Nowadays the most common phrase women will hear while dating is “I’m not looking for anything serious right now” which can be discouraging, but also steers women in the wrong direction in regards to getting what they want.

A lot of times some of us end up in ‘situationships” where we think it’s leading to something serious and more committed or we think we know his feelings are there, but soon realize that it was just a waste of time.

I’m not gonna front men will throw you for a loop with their mixed signals and constant reminders of the fact that they are not trying to commit to you. It’s unhealthy and a never ending mind game. Especially when you have those guys who swore they weren’t going to settle down, but when you finally decide to cut him loose all of a sudden he’s tied down BUT it’s ok forget about him.


The reality is that trying to adjust and adapt to every guy you think is the one will leave you exhausted and hopeless. DON’T ADAPT. Save yourself the heartache and headache.
I think that us ladies need to focus on ourselves and if a man who fits into our lives, interests, and needs comes our way then hey give it a shot.

Always stick to your guns and never settle. Don’t adjust your interests, wants and needs so that they match with the guy you think you want.  

Here’s a screenshot of a suggestion I posed for the commitment issue problem 😂😂 👇🏾


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