Talk it Out & Move On 

I think in all of our lifetimes we’ll experience a strain in relationships with people such as, coworkers, family members, friends & etc. that will drive us crazy lol.

 Personally I have dealt with those kind of people so let me tell you my take on how to deal with those kinds of people and relationships 🙇🏾‍♀️

So my take on relationships that are always tense or just outright toxic is to mediate and move on. What I mean by talking it out is to try to make amends with whoever that person is. Without arguing. Sometimes people feel like a relationship is worth fixing and can be talked out because sometimes you’ll end up in a situation where you realize there isn’t a balance, the level of respect isn’t the same or your level of commitment isn’t the same and must be spoken on. I think it’s important to be able to maturely identify issues within a relationship and attempt to resolve them. Sometimes it’s a simple as a miscommunication, an apology or something along those lines then next thing you know you’re laughing & joking 

However, it’s not always as simple as talking it out so this is when the moving on aspect comes into play. Regardless of the out come of the conversation you HAVE to move on from the issues or from the person/situation entirely. 

Sometimes you’ll find that the other person prefers to be at odds or cannot maturely articulate you guys’ issues so that it can be resolved.

 So for your own sanity you must move on. It’s unhealthy to continuously make yourself apart of a situation that will never be ok. Ride off into the sunset like Jay-Z knowing you tried but it just didn’t work

I feel like the “talking it out” part is crucial because depending on the relationship you realize that it wasn’t purposeful meaning that maybe friend wasn’t supportive and was never capabale of being that person, that person you were dating was playing games or even though the person is a family member it’s just not healthy for you to have a relationship with them. On the flipside, the discussion causes you to self reflect on your own faults ☝🏾

All in all, when you’re at odds try to mediate it maturely and move on, but if you can’t talk it out it just move on and be happy knowing you put in the effort


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