I think that one of my biggest pet peeves is seeing someone fail to express their gratitude for something someone did for them or offered to do for them.

Nowadays there’s a lot of seemingly homeless people that beg for money, but when people offer them food they deny it. I remember riding in the car with my coworker and explaining my logic on this whole situation to him. I stated that these people have signs that say they’re homeless you offer them food and in Baltimore they typically give a flat or rude response with the bottom line being that what you’re offering them isn’t what they want. However, here you are considering their current situation whether it is legitimate homelessness or a substance abuse problem and they fail to show appreciativeness towards the fact they were willing to give them what you had despite how your day or even life was going.

I’ve come across a lot of people who feel as though anything that someone does for them is what is expected of them and shouldn’t require any thanks which includes people you don’t even know from a hole in the wall. For example, I’m sure you guys have came across people who you held the door for and they walked through without a peep or at work you do something that takes a load off a coworker/supervisor/boss yet they fail to acknowledge that you helped them out.

Those most current thing these days that I’ve noticed on social media is that people will retweet compliments and etc. which clutters their TL instead of just simply saying “thank you”. I just feel like it costs nothing for someone to tell you good job, congrats, or you look amazing and it costs the person the receiving end even less to just say thank you.

I think that a lot of people fail to consider what other people put aside or maybe even sacrifice in order to look out for them. So if someone does something nice for you just say thank you. Consider both sides not even what you do for someone, but also what someone has done for you.





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