So just recently.. well about a month or two ago I started using LinkedIn for an assignment. I always had one of course as a college student, but I just couldn’t figure out how to make use of it.

I have now come to find it pretty useful. It’s a good way to build yourself and consider the skills and experience you have. You build connections with employers, colleges if you’re interested in Grad school and you can communicate and stay in contact with professors. Oh and peers too!

The best way to beef up your profile is to:

  • have a nice, professional profile picture nothing from twitter or instagram.
  • Be sure to include a little about yourself. Include a summary about who you are, your interests, your goals and aspirations.
  • Put down any jobs or volunteering opportunities you’ve done.
  • Go a little in depth about your education discuss courses that relate to what your ultimate career goal is along with programs and clubs you have been involved in.
  • List skills you’ve gained from courses, job and even volunteering.

I just felt like sharing a bit of information to help you guys. College student or not LinkedIn can be your key to success.



Hope this helps – T


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