The Affair

By: S. Easley

This is a pretty captivating series on Showtime. It starts off slow, but picks up and gets really intense towards the end of the season. This show basically follows the story of Noah and Alison’s affair and how it links to a murder investigation. Their summer fling had long lasting effects on their loved ones especially their now  ex spouses . The key characters of the show are Noah, Helen (Noah’s ex wife), Alison, and Cole (Alison’s ex husband). There are also children involved. Noah and Helen have four children. Alison and Cole had a child who is deceased. The show consists of flashbacks that follow the affair and also goes back to the present time where it leads into how the affair connects to the murder investigation of the death of Alison’s ex brother-in-law.

My favorite part of this series is that it is told in more than one part meaning one part is told from one person’s perspective and then the other half of the episode is told from another. It is interesting to see how differently people perceive events and something someone has said to them. I enjoy this series mostly because it doesn’t really give you an opportunity to feel like anyone is a bad person.


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