Knowing Your Worth

By: S. Easley

This topic today is kind of relevant to me personally from my own experiences and some of my friends’ experiences with relationships and such. Before I go I do want to say that knowing your worth doesn’t necessarily mean that you have low self-esteem or anything what I’m getting at with this post is that sometimes we need to take a step back and evaluate our current situation and our satisfaction with it. Is this worth your time? Is it going in the direction that you would like for it to? Is it too much? Is it underwhelming? Do you feel sort of stagnant?

In some cases there are unhealthy relationships that require you to realize who you are and what you’re worth. One of my friend’s called me to talk about her ex and the unhealthy relationship they still have going on because of their constant contact due to their child. She said that she had finally had enough and saw things for what it was. She finally knew her worth. You can care about someone and love them, but you can’t let that be the reason why you continue to stay in unhealthy relationship. Constant fussing and fighting isn’t a healthy relationship worth staying in. From this you can see that most times we can’t tell our friends what is or isn’t good for them. As individuals we have to learn on our own. Whatever I would tell her never made a difference in how she did things.  Sometimes something dramatic has to happen for that person to determine when enough is enough for them (unless they’re in an abusive relationship that’s when you step in).

In other cases, there is an issue with fulfillment. You and your significant other may not be on the same page or are moving at the same pace. You wanna take things slow and they’re ready to settle down or vice versa. In situations like those you have to consider your worth and what you want. Are you willing to settle for what someone else wants in order to just be in their life and unhappy because it’s not necessarily what you want? You have to start thinking for yourself and your needs. It’s not selfish to consider your happiness when it comes to relationships especially when the common goal is to be with someone long term.

You have to remember you can do better than the situations and relationships that are unfulfilling and unsatisfying. When you are unappreciated and you aren’t taken into consideration by that other person that’s when you need to start reevaluating what you want and what makes you happy.

I hope this post gave you something to think about and helped in anyway.


By: S. Easley


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