#SayHerName: 9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up



9 Signs The #SandraBland Case Could Be A Massive Cover-Up

If you’re a non-racist, discerning citizen, then you can probably assume that Sandra Bland was actually murdered and didn’t commit suicide as the Waller County police department insists. This isn’t just a conspiracy theory or people being paranoid. There’s real evidence that something is amiss. For example…


The trash bag – The story of her hanging herself with the trash bag just doesn’t make sense.

bland mugshot

bland mugshot 2

The ‘Mugshot’ – There’s speculation that this mugshot has been taken after she died. And the evidence is pretty damning.


The “Faulty Autopsy” – The district attorney is asking for a “redo” on Bland’s autopsy do to an initial “faulty” one. What?


The Video “Glitch” – The dashcam video of Bland being arrested had multiple hiccups and edits. Cars disappear and video is looped, but this is part of a “glitch” and the video wasn’t…

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