Where’d It Come From? Heartthrob Men Who Women Used To Dismiss


drake shirtless

Heartthrob Men Who Women Used To Dismiss

Ugly ducklings who become heartthrobs overnight isn’t anything new. But these guys take the cake. Take a look at these men who used to be nothing to women but now they’re thirst traps.


Drake went from nerdy wheelchair guy to…

Furry-faced guy ladies lovedrake15wallace wire

Michael B. Jordan was a scrawny, braided up kid on The Wire…

Michael B. Jordan Shirtless

Now he’s so on top of the world that the Jenners want him for themselves.

fat chris brownFat Chris Brown…when he got out of jail and got fat, he was dismissed. Then…

BET15 Chris Brown

He got skinny again and all was right with the world


This is The Rock. With a fanny pack. An elbow towel. And a chain.

Dwayne The Rock Johnson shirtless

This is The Rock now.

Will Smith Fresh Prince

Will Smith was a scrawny comic relief guy…then…

Actor Will Smith having fun in the sun with a boat full of friends where he is cheered on by the group a then he jumps off his boat into the water on lovely vacation in Formentera.

He became one of the hollywood hot guys ladies love

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