I just wanted to make a post about effective communication…. I think it’s important to be able to articulate and express yourself in a way that gets your point across and solves whatever the issue may be. 

These days we just think we can get someone to read our mind, put up subliminal tweets or reblog a post and hope that particular person gets the point or automatically knows how we feel. BUT nothing can be determined until you come out and say it. This is something I’ve been recently learning the importance of. I feel like it’s apart of growing too. Life is all about living and learning. 

I have no problem calling my friends out on their bullshit or telling a guy how I feel about him. Regardless of what we fear the outcome could be we have to realize we can’t just sweep things under the rug forever. We just have to face things head on. You can’t go through life masking or putting off how you really feel or not saying what you really wanna say. 


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