Letting Go

It’s hard when it comes to letting go of relationships or ones that aren’t necessarily defined. I think this is due to the fact of there being hope that this person will be what you keep hoping they’d be and/or you becoming dependent on them being around. But consequently you’ve only experienced disappointment. These are clear signs of an unhealthy relationship or “situationship“. Situationships can go on for an indefinite amount of time if the issue isn’t properly addressed. Once it is addressed you’ll know from there if there will ever be any progress.

One obvious way to know if you should move on is if you reflect on the relationship/situationship and see that the bad outweighs the good… Think to yourself 

  •  Am I happy? 
  • Is this what I want to do long term?
  • Have we made enough efforts to determine if it’s worth it to continuously try or to just end it?  

This is just something I wanted to reflect on. I’m still learning about this as a young adult just from experience and friends. Somebody will be who you want them to be all the time from start to finish there’s nothing to wait for… If it’s not there it’s just not, BUT there will be something and someone better for you further down the road. Things and people don’t work on your 
It sounds super cliche but it is important to develop a friendship first which is something I know of from experience. It is important to develop that bond where you can have sex and talk about serious political matters right afterwards lol.
One last point I would like to point I’d like to make is that happiness is not defined by having someone on your arm. So don’t get caught up into thinking you’re only because you have a significant you can post pictures of on IG or tweet about all day. Find it within yourself first.


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