Ethnic Cleansing in Dominican Republic

Sooo I’ve been reading and seeing a lot of articles about this ethnic cleansing that’s occurring in the DR (Dominican Republic).. This is happening a lot across the world (you can google East Africans and Italy or Israel). it’s just crazy to think of how far racism can go if the wrong person is in charge. They’re basically trying to get rid of anyone of Haitian descent or looks to be of Haitian decent despite the fact that they’re a citizen of the DR. I even read in one article that most of these people don’t even have family in Haiti but are still facing deportation. this effort in ethnic cleansing has left children virtually nonexistent in the DR with a lack of education because parents are not allowed to enroll their children into school or get proper documentation that will allow them to be a citizen of the country. Many of the Haitian people are already facing poverty and homelessness now they have the new issue of being sent back to a country that has no hope of ever having a come up… While most that are facing deportation aren’t even native to the country because their whole life and family is based in the DR

You can read up more on the issue here


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