By: S. Easley

There’s so much to do this summer and so little time well if you’re in college you can relate because this summer will go by pretty quick. there’s plenty of events and sightseeing in Baltimore native or not. The Fells point area, federal hill and canton have lots of events, restaurants and bars to go to all year. But there are some events in the immediate downtown area that is for all ages and everyone can come out and enjoy themselves.

  • African American Festival which is actually this weekend (June 20-21) there’s food, music performances, and plenty of art. This will be at the Camden Yards.
  • The Caribbean Festival which is in July the date is still TBD
  • Later on in July there’s the Artscape (July 17-19) this free event occurs all over baltimore in various locations so if you’re interested keep an eye out on the site
  • July 25 & 26th you can show you’re support for the LGBT community at Baltimore Pride. it will begin in the Mount Vernon area July 25th and there will be another event for pride occurring at Druid Hill Park

I’ll post more events as the summer goes on 🙂


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